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Middle School Parent Education Speaker

Joe Bruzzese, author of A Parents’ Guide to the Middle School Years and parent education expert, speaks to parents across the United States offering practical and long term strategies for overcoming the struggles of the middle school years. Joe’s work has been reported across numerous media outlets, including Dr. Laura, the ABC Morning Show, Momster.com, and a collection of print and online parenting publications across the nation including Family Circle Magazine.


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"Middle School is not the time to step back, but the time to step forward. Thank you for introducing us to the path for building closer communication with our kids." ~ Jackie, elementary school parent, New York, NY

“We had our first check in meeting last Sunday with my daughter and wife. Frankly, I wasn't looking forward to it. It seemed a bit artificial, contrived. It turns out that it was an overwhelming success. In fact, my daughter wants to do more than one a week.” ~ Jeff, middle school parent, Chicago, IL



“Thank you so much for being my coach. It has been invaluable and I am so grateful.” ~ Marianne, middle school parent, San Diego, CA

"Loved the idea that we can make connections with teachers and other team members. We don't have to dump our kids off at the curb and cross our fingers" ~ Marie, elementary school parent, Goleta, CA


For scheduling inquiries and book purchases:
phone: 805-319-2358
email: joe@middleschoolyears.com